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Matthew Toohey

Who Am I?

  • Second year computer science student at the University of Toronto, minoring in Economics and Statistics
  • Developer
  • Mechanical keyboard enthusiast
  • Amateur musician


💻 Programming

My main languages are Python and Java (which we used in my first and second year CS courses respectively), as well and JavaScript/Typescript and Rust, which I’ve used on a lot of side projects. In terms of web development, I have some experience with React and Svelte (this site is built with Svelte Kit). Check out my projects on GitHub.

🐧 Linux

Though it’s not perfect, I love Linux! I use Arch… and I’ve been really enjoying sway on Wayland recently. I’m also a long-time Neovim user, I’m finally shifting my configuration over to Lua soon, and have been checking out the built-in LSP and Treesitter. Check out my dotfiles if you’re interested.

⌨️ Mechanical Keyboards

Corne-ish Zen Planck Light
CRKBD with KAT Milkshake CRKBD with EBPT 2048 and Zilent Blueberries

I’m the happy owner of a Corne-ish Zen, a Planck Light, a CRKBD (aka Corne) with Mill-Max hot-swap sockets installed and some quirks because of some unfortunate mistakes that were made during the build process… Check out my current keymaps for the Corne-ish Zen, Planck Light, and CRKBD.

🔌 Self-hosting

I’m currently running a server with Arch Linux, ZFS, and a rather large docker-compose file for most of the heavy lifting such as network backups and SMB shares. I’m also running a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB for Home Assistant and other lightweight services that need to be always-on. I’m really looking forward to boards for the Compute Module 4 that support M.2’s so I can turn off the desktop for good!

🔈 Audio

I did audiovisual club in high school and really enjoyed it, so I have experience with recent Soundcraft SI Impact and Allen and Heath digital boards. I’ve also had some experience with DMX lighting boards and ATEM video switchers, including scripting a switcher using atemOSC.