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Matthew Toohey

Who Am I?

  • Computer Science student at the University of Toronto, minoring in Statistics and Economics
  • Mechanical keyboard enthusiast
  • Amateur musician


💻 Programming

I enjoy working with low-level languages and doing systems programming. Some of the subfields I’m interested in are functional programming, language design, and OS design. Check out my projects on GitHub.

🐧 + ❄️ Linux

I recently switched from Arch to NixOS, and I’ve been loving the declarative way it allows you to manage your system’s configuration. I’m still in the process of switching over some of the machines I use less frequently, but once that’s done, all of my configuration will be stored at mtoohey31/infra. I also recently swapped from Neovim to Helix because of its first class support for tree-sitter and LSP. Helix also supports multi-cursor and takes inspiration from Kakoune in terms of its inverted (compared to Vim) approach to nouns and verbs, though it’s still missing many features that make Vim and Neovim amazing, such as plugins…

⌨️ Mechanical Keyboards

Corne-ish Zen Planck Light CRKBD with KAT Milkshake CRKBD with EBPT 2048 and Zilent Blueberries

I enjoy the hobby more so for the keymap customization than for the sound/feel/appearance aspects; my three keyboards and the keymap I use for each are linked below.

Board Keymap
Corne-ish Zen mtoohey31/zmk-config-Corne-ish-Zen
Planck Light mtoohey31/planck-keymap
CRKBD (aka Corne) with Mill-Max hot-swap sockets mtoohey31/crkbd-keymap

🔌 Self-hosting

I’m currently running a server with Arch Linux, ZFS, and a rather large docker-compose file for most of the heavy lifting such as network backups and SMB shares. I’m also running a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB for Home Assistant and other lightweight services that need to be always-on. I’m really looking forward to boards for the Compute Module 4 that support M.2’s so I can turn off the desktop for good!

🔈 Audio

I did audiovisual club in high school and really enjoyed it, so I have experience with recent Soundcraft SI Impact and Allen and Heath digital boards. I’ve also had some experience with DMX lighting boards and ATEM video switchers, including scripting a switcher using atemOSC.